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June 21stEdit

The printable message found on was updated to include a photo where half of the image was retrieved from a reflection. That image contained a box with a pillbox hat sitting on it, tagged with a sticky note indicating it was sold, plus the area code '25801'. This led to the discovery of the first Craigslist ad, shown below, and the following Craigslist ads.

Notes on the billboard behind some of the items include portions of a phone number.

Cactus Cookie Jar: 800
Horse Clock: 708
Swan Ceramic: 2151 >>>>

Piecing together all the visible portions of the card on the bulletin board reveals:

?????? April 16th 2010 ??????the Afternoon ??????ony Reprieve If attending graveside ceremony Please Follow with Lights and Flashers on If you wish to contribute to the Minker Memorial fund More details can be found at 1-800-708-2151 >>>>

1-800-708-2151 leads to a message from Josh Minker regarding the Evelyn Minker Memorial Fund. Josh Minker owns the website .