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The M60 Patton rolling through a playground.

The M60 Patton was a medium tank used by the United States Armed Forces. The M60s were the primary US tank used during the Vietnam war and was the main US battle tank from the 60s until the 80s. It has a 105mm gun and has rolled homogenous armor. The Patton has a 50 caliber and a 7.62 machine gun on the tank. It weighs 50 tons and has a width of 12ft, height of 10 and half feet, and a length of 22 and a half feet.


During the year 1979, while the Alien was busy around the town of Lillian, the United States Air Force was around the town attempting to search for the Alien. Over the course of three days after a numerous number of unprecedened events, the United States Armed Forces had decided to lure the alien monster in using its Argus Cubes. As the creature came out of its subterranean lair and out into the open. General Nelec called out to bring in the big guns, to attempt to either capture or kill the monster. The U.S Army rolled in with M60 Pattons, M113 APCs, other vehicles and soldiers/infantry advancing through the town in order to get to the monster. Over eight M60 Pattons were seen moving through the streets as they fired their 105mm cannons at the creature. One notable M60 was taking heat from the monster, when the creature ran fast towards the tank and knocked into it, causing it to flip over.

Known M60 PattonsEdit

1. Unidentified M60 Patton-Destroyed

Behind The ScenesEdit

1. M60 Pattons were seen in the town of Lillian, during the Battle Of Lillian on July 2nd,1979.