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Rocket Poppeers stand on the set of Super 8

Rocket Poppeteers is a fictional popsicle brand that is part of the film's alternate reality game and marketing campaign.

May 13thEdit

First mentioned in a newspaper discovered on where Captain Cooper is illustrated as their mascot. Through this ad you could apply as a recruit and there was also a maze that you could fill and send in to the company's address in Minot, ND. Many players did this hoping for a further response.

The newspaper ad also led to the discovery of the company's website which at that time only was a splash page stating that the site was temporarily down.

July 15Edit

Those who sent the completed maze to the address listed on the newspaper ad began receiving response mail hinting at another puzzle or task, saying that only "the most brave, true, and loyal" candidates would succeed and be granted membership to the astronaut program.

In the response there was a challenge where you were supposed to count the number of printed stars on the letter. There was however no instructions on what to do with the answers.

July 23Edit

The splash page was updated to include a link to the newly-created Rocket Poppeteers Twitter account. Posts on the Twitter account announce that the Poppeteers Recruiting Truck would be at San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

July 28Edit

The Rocket Poppeteers website became active to allow people to register as a New Recruit or Candidate Verification. The Candidate Verification was for those who mailed off the coupon maze and received a postal response.

Dec 21Edit

Those that registered with started receiving certificates in the mail.


  • Includes Astronaut name and a case-sensitive alpha-numeric code.
  • On the envelope, just above the persons real name and address is a number followed by the astronaut name. The purpose of this number is not yet known.
  • There are four fleets and each fleet has a special "Known for..." part & flavor:
Super Speedflier Fleet [Orange]
  - Known for Agility and Optimism
  Twin Teamwork Fleet [Grape]
  - Known for Unity and Cooperation
  Sonic Strength Fleet [Lime]
  - Known for Stamina and Courage
  Brain Blast Fleet [Cherry]
  - Known for Creativity and Resourcefulness

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