The Super 8 soundtrack is a soundtrack album containing the music of Super 8, composed by Michael Giacchino.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Super 8
  2. Family Matters
  3. Model Painting
  4. Acting Chops
  5. Aftermath Class
  6. Thoughts Of Cubism
  7. We’ll Fix It In Post-Haste
  8. Production Woes
  9. Train Of Thought
  10. Circle Gets The Cube
  11. Breen There, Ate That
  12. Dead Over Heels
  13. Gas And Go
  14. Looking For Lucy
  15. Radio Haze
  16. Mom’s Necklace
  17. Shootus Interuptus
  18. Thoughts Of Mom
  19. Woodward Bites It
  20. Alice Projects On Joe
  21. Neighborhood Watch - Fail
  22. The Evacuation Of Lillian
  23. A Truckload Of Trouble
  24. Lambs On The Lamb
  25. Woodward’s Home Movies
  26. Spotted Lambs
  27. Air Force HQ Or Bust
  28. World’s Worst Field Trip
  29. The Siege Of Lillian
  30. Creature Comforts
  31. Letting Go
  32. Super 8 Suite
  33. The Case

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