• Babyjabba

    Have you gotten sucked into the Super 8 hype? Well, prepare to if you haven't! Yesterday, J. J. Abrams released 20 minutes of rough footage from the film to the press and guess what... They Loved It!

    Check out some of the reactions below. Don't worry, we didn't include any spoilers!

    Cinematical: "The footage they did screen packed a strong punch, though, expertly blending heart, humor, thrills, chills and one holy-cow train-wreck sequence."

    "The kids are instantly likable and make for a fun, familiar ensemble, and, yes, the expected lens flares are there too). Sure, there's plenty more that makes a feature-length movie, but if the other 70-or-so minutes play like that, we're sold big time."

    FirstShowing: "From what I've seen of this movie so f…

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