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  • Scarecroe

    A new poster for Super 8 was released today, created by the legendary artist Drew Struzan. You're familiar with Struzan's work for movie posters over the past several decades, and especially if you're a child of the 80s. Struzan is responsible for iconic movie posters created to promote the likes of Back to the Future, the Muppet movies, John Carpenter's The Thing and many a Stephen Spielberg romp.

    The Super 8 poster is in the classic vein of the type of movie poster we don't see too often in marketing these days. Struzan works with oils on canvas, a far cry from the digital imagery used so prominently for advertising today. The layout works as a collage of characters and scenes from the film and invokes the same nostalgic sort of feel that the t…

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  • Scarecroe

    I'm somewhat surprised at how little the studio has revealed about this movie. Its release is only three months away, and we don't know the character names, and nary a still or production photo has been released. The strategy is not dissimilar to another J. J. Abrams-produced film, Cloverfield, and that turned out pretty well. So, probably not a bad thing.

    On the other hand, the viral marketing has been impressive, reminding me of the grassroots-style scavenger hunt associated with Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence from ten years ago. Coincidence? I'm prone to think not. I spent many an office hour hunting down all the cloudmakers back in 2001. It's fun to think of all the Abrams fans looking to unlock the secrets of his latest …

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